New Jumbo 1000Kg Lift
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The new Jumbo 1000Kg lift from Torros
Torros Product Range

The Complete Range of Powered & Manual Reel & Roll handling & Lifting

Welcome to TORROS where we offer a complete range of multi purpose powered lifting equipment in a lifting range in both steel and stainless steel. Our versatile lifts are especially suited for reel lifting and handling and roll lifting and handling. 
Jumbo Lift to 500Kg
Roll Handling Jumbo Lift to 500Kg
Jumbo Lift to 1000Kg
Roll Handling Jumbo Lift to 1000Kg
Multi Lift to 300Kg
Roll Handling Multi Lift to 300Kg
Special Applications
Special and custom designed applications
 Drawing on ten years of experience and using the latest design platforms for CAD, TORROS products offer you a wealth of features from reel handling and roll handling, drum handling, and tool handling through to the Mini Stacker and now the Manual lifter. 
At the heart of our ethos is innovation coupled with a policy of investment in the very best equipment and design platforms resulting in quality solutions at realistic prices. We supply both standard and custom products designed to meet your requirements.

Contact Torros on +44 (0)1328 862 700 for more information.